The Brain in a Cage

Elen Nas – “Awareness”

The brain in a cage is a mind confined to a behavioral system of repeating patterns, even those not beneficial to the being. Patterns of anger, for instance, are triggered by signs that revive traumatic events—the same with other patterns such as fear, sadness, and so on.
A ‘behavioral system’ means to adjust the incomprehensible to the predictable. Psychologists like Skinner advocated that, but names like John Watson have discussed it earlier, since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Even earlier, the French doctor and philosopher Julien Offray de La Mettrie, at the beginning of the Enlightenment, proposed on “Man a Machine” that the brain and the fluids present all over the body were also influencing the decision-making process. It might sound like a joke, but part of the ‘reasoning’ also happens on the stomach.
Of course, compared to the historical process in the eighteenth century in France, understanding that certain human beings are slaves of their bodily senses – what makes them easily manipulable – compose the concept of man as a machine. And that makes La Mettrie the early father of behaviorism.

Thus, the ‘brain in a cage’ is the whole body in a cage. A body that loses the ‘freedom of speech and gets sick probably because of the lack of self-perception.
The brain that gets constantly worried is a brain in a body that locks subtle and natural movements.
The brain that explodes in anger is a head in a body that feels in a cage.
Enslaved bodies by mental abuses are bodies that suffer from prejudice, underestimation, injustice.
Many things can break the negative patterns of the mind: meditation, expressing and feeling empathy (solidarity), and being creative are three important to mention.
Let’s so investigate the social pattern, which is empathy. A lot has been said, and even more to be discovered.

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